Targeting potential clients in a niche market is a hard thing to do for any company. When Ability CRM realized they needed to upgrade their web presence to attract the proper audience, they turned to Fasturtle®.

Ability CRM’s recently launched website,, is an example of the FastSite program that Fasturtle® has developed for businesses as turnkey solutions for getting a new website. Fasturtle®’s FastSite program was built specifically for businesses that understand the need of an online presence, but do not necessarily need the extra bells and whistles of a larger scale website. “FastSites are special in the rite that they incorporate the brand of a company while using pre-determined technology to help keep costs down,” says Eric Olsen, CEO of Fasturtle®. Ablity CRM also wanted to take advantage of the control they would have to be able to update their site whenever they want without having to call anyone.

Ability CRM’s new website features all of the information on their services, news and events, white papers, client testimonials, integrated videos and an easy to use contact form.

About Ability CRM
AbilityCRM started providing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions in 1998. Since then they have helped hundreds of companies in many markets throughout the United States improve their business. May 2009 marked a new milestone for AbilityCRM with the launching of This is AbilityCRM’s Cloud based CRM / XRM system to help companies receive all the benefits of a CRM system without the hassle of hosting it themselves.