Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) and its Importance to SEO

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Today’s digital marketing and SEO services have something to contend with that wasn’t a major concern just a decade ago. Even five years ago, people were not as heavily dependent on mobile devices as they are today. However, mobile devices have become as indispensable to our everyday lives as a watch or wallet may have been considered a generation ago. With that in mind, the modern SEO agency has to target mobile users more heavily than any other group – and they’re using AMP to do it.

What is AMP?

AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages. In October of 2017, Google announced that it would be implementing this technology, touting it as a new framework for creating mobile user-friendly pages that load quickly and easily on everyday devices and make browsing simpler for the average user. This framework is open-sourced and designed to be highly accessible, so businesses of all types can utilize it to maximize their mobile device reach.

AMP are designed to streamline the mobile browsing process for consumers without compromising the ad revenue that many companies rely on. This means that if you’re currently using PPC advertising to create conversions, you can continue with that strategy and still enjoy the easier mobile formatting provided by the AMP initiative.

The Importance of AMP to Modern SEO

There is a reason that search engine companies like Google are pushing for users to adopt the AMP technology when creating their websites. Their own platform integrates the technology heavily, giving priority to sites which are optimized for mobile loading. What does this mean for companies who use SEO as a primary way of driving up traffic, conversions, and sales? It means that these companies should take the advice of most modern digital marketing professionals and hit the ground running with AMP as a free, easily-accessible, and effective marketing tool.

You Still Might Want to Call for Help – and That’s Okay!

Just because AMP is open-source and easy to access doesn’t mean it will be easy for everyone to understand and use. It’s okay to reach out to a marketing professional for help. After all, a tool is only as good as it is useful to your company!

Are you looking for help with creating great mobile pages for your business using the AMP system? Talk to a provider of Phoenix and Scottsdale SEO services and find out how easy it can be to optimize your current content for mobile. With Fasturtle Digital, you’re only a few clicks away becoming a brand almost as indispensable as the mobile device itself!