Search engine optimization is an essential component of every successful online marketing campaign as optimization helps tremendously in increasing SEO keyword rankings and traffic. While it is important to have a strong singular strategy for search engine optimization, it is also recommended that you integrate this strategy with your other digital marketing strategies in order to benefit the most from your efforts.

Fasturtle, a search engine marketing firm in Scottsdale, would like to share the following tips for aligning your search engine optimization strategy with other components of your digital marketing campaign:

  • Paid and Natural Search. When aligned, these two strategies can benefit greatly from one another. Using paid search, businesses can test various content and keywords to quickly see which messages pique the interest of users most. With this valuable information, businesses can then improve their search engine optimization strategies, optimizing site content and meta descriptions to better reach potential customers.
  • Search and Display. Search and display are often kept separate as search uses a pull marketing strategy and display uses a push marketing strategy. While these two strategies seem completely different, they actually should work together in order to have the best effect. The content of both search and display should be very similar, delivering a strong brand image, so as to avoid confusing users. For this reason, you should always choose a search engine marketing firm in Scottsdale in which all departments work together on each and every component of a campaign. For example, the paid search department should be in the know about all banners and other material created, so they are able to create advertising content that aligns well with the other marketing messages.
  • Search and Product Listing Ads. Businesses can benefit in a number of ways by aligning paid search and product listing ads. For example, businesses can test which content works best for product listing ads using information gathered from paid search. Bringing these strategies together also allows businesses to easily identify any areas of overlap. Once these areas are discovered, businesses can then adjust their strategies to not only reduce the amount of overlap and bids, but also attract more unique traffic to the business website.
  • Search and Offline. As stated previously, it is important for all marketing strategies to be well integrated. This is true not only online, but offline as well. Online strategies should revolve around content and keywords that are pulled straight from offline promotional content, such as flyers, newspaper ads and TV advertising. This allows your business to deliver a very strong, focused brand image to potential customers.

When creating a search engine optimization strategy as part of a larger strategy for online marketing in Scottsdale or another city, keep the above integration tips in mind.

If you are interested in developing a professional digital marketing campaign for your business, the search engine optimization and online marketing experts at Fasturtle would be more than happy to help. We have the knowledge and experience to create highly integrated, custom search engine optimization campaigns that will improve your SEO keyword rankings and increase traffic to your site. To learn more about search engine optimization and digital marketing campaigns for your business, call Fasturtle at (888) 468-8785 or contact us online.