Are you reaching your Customers on Twitter?

There are several reasons why a potential customer won’t follow you on twitter. These little mistakes could be effecting your customer relationships and in turn your profits as a small business.

If you are out there tweeting away, how do you want to be seen and recognized? Posting with an incomplete profile will keep potential customers from wanting to follow you because clients need to be able to recognize who you are and the services you can provide for them. Make sure the profile page is accurate, up-to-date and informative. Twitter followers have a tendency to look for their favorite tweeters by the picture avatar. If you are using a company logo, ensure that it is the right size and that the entire logo fits in the thumbnail.

Beware of becoming a spammer. Your following & customer potential will decrease if you have a supper high number of tweets, but you’re not following other tweeters. Give your followers a reason to check back and tweet regularly with new information and links directing your customer to articles you find interesting and useful. The point of a tweet is to grab attention so be creative and original. Spam tweeting is annoying and will cause your followers to un-follow your account. Just like any other social media site Twitter is interactive, engage with your clients, ask questions and make comments in return. It’s ok to mention your business, products and services but be mindful not to use your twitter account to only promote yourself; you need to promote the work of others as well.

Following these simple guidelines will keep your twitter account looking pristine and with an active, updated account your following and customer communications will gradually increase.

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