B2B Digital Marketing In The Age of COVID-19

March 16, 2020

The COVID-19 crisis has caused some businesses across the U.S. to hit the pause button. But many organizations are still in need of certain services they can’t provide themselves.

So how do you operate like a true digital marketing agency without coming off like you’re ignoring the COVID-19 crisis? Here are a few things to keep in mind as you reposition and market your services to other businesses in the age of COVID-19.

Be consistent with your marketing

Consistency matters in all types of marketing, but especially right now. Your target audience is online more than ever before, and Facebook dominates all social media with over 65% of social media user share. That means visibility is key.

You need to be consistent with the timing of your posts and the voice you’re using in your marketing. Make sure that you’re continuing to offer the products and services that align with your brand. Remember to show up for your customers the same way you did before the COVID-19 crisis.

Be proactive

Reactive marketing is a common strategy used when a business has unexpected competition. While reactive marketing can help you spearhead your marketing activities in some situations, it doesn’t often reach your target audience in the same way.

For instance, Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium let its penguins explore the other animal exhibits when the building was shut down for the COVID-19 crisis. The video of these penguins was not only heartwarming for those quarantined at home but it also served as a proactive marketing technique.

Other businesses responded to the video with their own reactive marketing. The Chicago Field Museum shot a video of ‘Sue’ the T-rex (a person dressed in a T-rex costume) exploring the museum while the building was shut down for the COVID-19 crisis. While the reactive marketing was amusing, it didn’t have the same impact as the original video.

Reach out to a professional team

Digital marketing can be tricky even when there isn’t a health crisis. A professional digital marketing agency can help you navigate this challenging time so you can reach out to your target audience without breaking a sweat.

That’s where Fasturtle Digital comes in. Fasturtle is a digital marketing agency with a wide variety of series including social media marketing, SEO, and responsive web design. To learn more about our digital marketing services and how we can help you, contact Fasturtle today.

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