People today are less concerned about data privacy than they were just ten years ago. When Amazon first began offering suggestions based on purchase habits, consumers were uncomfortable. Today, they expect to be given recommendations that enhance and simplify their shopping experience.

That is not to say, however, that consumers are not aware of the potential for data breaches and inadequate safeguards with ecommerce transactions— but there is an understanding that a certain amount of information must be offered in exchange for a satisfactory and relevant online experience. In return, there is a trust to value ratio that must be upheld. To ensure your business’s ecommerce solutions provide it, follow these tips:

Balance Personalization and Privacy

The amount of information people are willing to give is directly related to the value they receive. In a recent survey on ecommerce habits, 49% of respondents said they were okay with having their patterns tracked as long as the result was relevant offers from their favorite brands. On the flip-side, 70% said they don’t think businesses are transparent enough about how their personal data is used. Establish trust by providing information about how consumer data becomes a relevant offer— the value.

Focus on Customer Experience

Customers ranked their personal experience as the number one factor in completing an ecommerce transaction. Ask yourself: what would the customer want/need/expect? Reorient your business and operating models to the customer and invest in analytical tools that support and deliver data-driven selections and relevant offers for consumers in real time.

Shifting Expectations

Marketing is no longer something businesses do to customers, but something they do with them. It must engage and entice interaction rather than simply showcase or target. Provide relevant experiences, share authentic information, and help customers improve their everyday lives.

These tips will help you establish trust and deliver value to your consumers through their ecommerce experience. Combined with intuitive website design and development that includes effective search engine optimization, you will have the building blocks for a successful business model and loyal customer relationships. For information and assistance with your ecommerce and data management efforts, please call Fasturtle at (888) 468-8785 or Contact Us Online.