PHOENIX, AZ – February 22, 2012 – Now, more than ever before, students are relying on financial aid to fund their college education. This heavy reliance on financial aid has forced colleges and universities around the country to re-evaluate their financial aid services. CampusLogic offers staffing, consulting and outsourcing services to assist these schools with their financial aid management. When the company decided to redesign its website they sought Scottsdale based web firm, Fasturtle.

CampusLogic’s recently redesigned website,, is a semi-custom web design by Fasturtle. The semi-custom project allows for the use of a pre-designed FastSite, which is then customized to include the necessary plug-ins, such as a rotating header, to expand the functionality of the website. CampusLogic’s new website features easy navigation, information on services, an industry related news blog, case studies and testimonials, other financial aid resources, and an easy to use contact form.

Fasturtle and CampusLogic will continue their partnership post-site launch as Fasturtle provides ongoing search engine optimization services.

“A large part of enrolling in school is the financial aid process, which is often difficult for students to navigate,” said Gregg Scoresby, Chairman and CEO of CampusLogic. By simplifying the financial aid process, CampusLogic services allow colleges to focus on providing quality higher education for anyone who aspires to have a degree.

For more information on CampusLogic, please visit the company’s website, at For more information on Fasturtle, please visit the company’s website at


About CampusLogic

CampusLogic provides interim staffing, project-based consulting, and business process outsourcing solutions across the entire financial aid lifecycle including student contact, document collection, verification services, award packaging, disbursement processing, refund management, and default prevention. CampusLogic has a track record of providing measurable results including faster processing times, higher compliance rates, and greater student satisfaction.

About Fasturtle

Since 2000 Fasturtle is has been leading provider of website marketing solutions and award winning website production. Fasturtle is a Ranking AZ top 10 website and internet marketing firm based in Scottsdale, AZ and offers a wide range of services, including custom website design development, hosting, E-mail setup and support, as well as internet marketing including social media and search engine optimization. Specializing in small business, our clients are located across the United States. Call (480) 348-0467 or visit for more information.