On July 4th 1776, America claimed its independence from Britain and the Declaration of Independence was borne. It is a day where Americans gather to celebrate with picnics, parades and a night full of lively music and colorful fireworks. It is one more reason to fly our American Flag with honor and pride. The below short poem is by an unknown author, but reminds all of us that there is reason to celebrate!

227 years ago…on July 4th, 1776
This great nation, the United States of America,
In a struggle for what was right and free,
Was proudly born…
May we celebrate that precious freedom
For which our forbears fought so bravely…
The freedom that is inherent
In the Stars and Stripes, our revered flag…
Celebrate Freedom
This Fourth of July!

Fasturtle® wishes to extend to everyone a happy and safe 4th of July, and if you happen to be in Arizona this year, we suggest that your 4th is best celebrated by the pool with a cool drink and great friends.