No matter what the industry, it is not uncommon to find the sales and marketing departments at odds with each other. Generally, the sales team believes that their objectives differ greatly from those of the marketing team, and vice versa. Therefore, very rarely, if ever, do the two collaborate.

While traditionally the two departments have operated as completely separate entities, it is now time for that to change. The marketplace has become increasingly competitive, so in order to be successful, businesses should be integrating the activities of each component of their organization rather than continuing to operate individually. This means that the marketing team should break the status quo, and collaborate with the sales team as this team actually has a lot of valuable insight on customers, which can be helpful for content creation purposes.

If you are interested in better integrating your sales and marketing departments, consider the following tips:

  • Change the Relationship. To bring the two departments together, arrange weekly meetings with members from both teams. This allows information to be properly exchanged, and will help to build a bridge between the two departments. The marketing department will greatly benefit as they will better understand how leads are being generated, and where they are coming from as well as topics that are most important to these leads. With this information from the sales team, marketing can then make tweaks to strategies, such as content creation and search engine optimization, which can improve keyword rankings in Scottsdale and other cities.
  • Create a Content Calendar. The sales team likely has many great ideas for topics, so it is important that they contribute to the content creation process. In order to make sure that sales team members are being heard, create a content calendar that is accessible to both departments. You can rotate the calendar through each of the teams on a weekly or monthly basis, so everyone is forced to participate, and create topics that are of interest to customers. This will help to improve search engine optimization, and increase traffic to your blog and pages of your custom website design in Scottsdale.
  • Encourage Internal Social Networking. Members of the sales team should be well connected online with individuals in various departments throughout your organization. By doing so, this team expands their network and visibility, increasing leads and sales.

By implementing the above tips, you will be able to better integrate your sales and marketing teams, leading to a more successful business.

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