Connecting with clients is vital to the success and growth of any small business!

In today’s fast paced environment of continued business development; small business owners around the country and within Fasturtle®’s community, continue to overlook their client base. You don’t need to change the way you work, just how often you communicate. Regularly touching base with your clients elevates you from just another vendor to a reliable partner.

Even Fasturtle®, although we hate to admit it, sometimes doesn’t stay in constant contact with our existing clients. For a company that prides itself in internet marketing, it’s kind of embarrassing! Clients want a supplier that makes their life easy. A supplier that makes them look good in front of their colleagues. One they don’t have to stress about. And many clients will pay a premium for that peace of mind.

The challenge is to create “Top of Mind” advertising. The most effective way of achieving this is with social media and email marketing strategies. Check out these links to see the importance of staying in touch with clients:

To learn about developing strong email marketing and a social media strategies, call us at Fasturtle® and we would love to discuss ways that we can help you achieve these goals!
We too strive to get better every day. If there is something you need or would like us to get better at please email “the head turtle” directly at

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