Creating an Optimum Website Structure

Websites have evolved since the first sites were put up on the internet. As we learn more and more about what it is that inspires and engages people, we can provide more beautiful and constructive websites. The basis of every great website is the structure underneath. When you’re building a website, you probably think of the way it looks. But just as important is the website file structure and the way users navigate the finished page. Here are a few ways to ensure that your website’s structure is both user friendly and enjoyable for browsers.

Use a Linear Website Structure

The simplest way to make sure your site is friendly is to use a linear website structure. The most obvious, and recently very popular, example is the constantly scrolling site. This type of linear website structure is built around the idea of having a site that is really just one page. While you may have a navigation bar and users can jump to specific areas, everything is there on a single page which can be scrolled through directly. Linear website structures don’t have to be that simple, but the idea is that you give your visitors a website that has an obvious progression from one page to the next.

Use a Website Structure Tool

A website structure tool will help you to map out the structure of your site in advance. No matter what colors you use or the great images that you’re going to put on each page, the underlying structure has to be reasonable and rational. If that’s hard for you to think around without a bit of help, a website structure tool is the answer. Many people use a website structure tool in order to visualize what a finished site will work like even before they know what it’ll look like.

Understand Why Website File Structure Matters

Website file structure is kind of like the filing system that keeps your site organized. But this is a filing system that anyone who visits your site should be able to use. It’s got to be logical and organized. The website file structure is not talked about enough, so learn about it and learn why it’s critical.

A website structure tool can help you to create a great website file structure, whether you decide to go with a linear website structure or something more abstract. Once you’ve chosen a possible structure, make sure you test, test, test. Let people see and use your site and find out what works and what doesn’t.

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