Creative Ways to Advertise Your Blog Off of the Internet

If youre interested in making money blogging, you also want to know how to promote your blog. You’ve likely read through advice on all the options for online advertising for a blog. You’ve got a search engine submission going so Google knows where to find you and what you offer readers. Maybe you’re paying for ads or cultivating relationships with other more popular bloggers in order to do some guest posting. But what can you do away from the internet noise that is so highly competitive? Here are a few creative things to try that could help you make money blogging.

Learn How to Promote Your Blog with QR Codes

QR codes can be made into stickers, posters, newspaper ads, or can be printed onto business cards. A QR code can be scanned by smartphone users and they’ll be sent right to your site. But learn how to promote your blog smartly with QR codes. If you do a sticker campaign, make sure you’ve got some text or an image that is not only compelling and makes the viewer curious, but make sure it’s relevant to your blog. Ask a question that people want the answer to, and then answer the question in the blog post the QR code directs readers to.

Have a Business Card

Even if your business card is simple, it’s a tangible piece of informant that will remind people to check out your blog. Don’t forget the simple, traditional marketing strategies.

Attend a Conference

Whether you attend a conference about making money blogging or you attend a conference that has nothing to do with learning how to promote your blog, conferences are a great place to network. Meet people, give out business cards, ask people what they read and find out what people are searching for. The conference should be related to your blog in some way so that the info you collect is valuable. But it doesn’t have to be about making money blogging for it to be related.

Be Your Brand

If people like you and they like what you have to say, they’ll be curious to read your blog. Be sincere and honest and approachable, but remember that you’re also the brand ambassador for your blog. That means making a good impression, asking questions, and having thoughtful answers and responses.

Don’t be shy about talking about what it is you do online. You’re not going to make money blogging by doing a search engine submission and staying quiet offline. You’ve got to put yourself, your brand, and your blog out into the real world where people are.

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