Eight Steps to YouTube Advertising

With 72 hours of video being uploaded to YouTube each minute, there is always fresh material that will continuously drive users to the site. Due to the very high levels of traffic each day, YouTube advertisements are a tool that should be considered when designing or revamping a marketing campaign in San Diego or any another city.

If you are interested in advertising on YouTube, now is a great time to get started. Your customers are online watching videos every day, i is important that you take advantage of this tool to make sure that you are reaching your target market and attracting new customers.

The following list of steps will help you to slowly begin advertising your business on YouTube:

  1. Register for Google AdWords. This program will help you to establish your online video campaign as part of your efforts for media marketing in San Diego.
  2. Link Google AdWords to YouTube. After registering for an account on both sites, make sure that AdWords and YouTube are linked. You can do this from the navigation menu on your AdWords account.
  3. Set a Budget. From your AdWords account, navigate to the settings to enter your daily budget. Set a smaller portion of your overall budget for social media marketing aside, and slowly increase this budget as you learn more about how YouTube advertising works. You will only pay Google if the user watches your entire video from start to finish.
  4. Choose Locations. From the settings page, you can also choose the locations that you would like your ad to appear. Small businesses tend to choose very specific locations, as they usually serve the immediate areas where their business is located. You can choose your locations by such factors as city, zip code or IP address.
  5. Upload Video. After completing the above steps, you can now upload your video to YouTube. After uploading, be sure to integrate your other social media marketing pages by embedding the video on sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, as well as your blog, website and any other online outlets you use to connect with customers.
  6. Set Advanced Settings. In this section of your AdWords account, choose the days and times you would like your ad to appear for successful marketing in San Diego. Businesses should turn their ads off during the times when their audiences are least likely to be online, typically the early morning hours. In addition to time, you can also choose other options, such as specific devices you would like to target. For example, if your business serves a younger generation, it may be wise to target devices, such as mobile phones, laptops or tablets.
  7. Know Your Demographics. It is very important that you understand your audience because this will help you to better target your ads. You can select ads to appear by age or gender, and even by category, interest or phrase. The more you know about your audience, the more successful your campaign for media marketing in San Diego will be.
  8. Choose Keywords. Google AdWords offers a keyword tool that is highly beneficial for search engine optimization. It helps owners to discover words and phrases that are relevant to the products or services their business offers, and reduces the chances of ads being viewed by an audience that isn’t the right fit.

The above list will help you to implement an advertising campaign on YouTube that will benefit your overall efforts for marketing in San Diego or another city throughout the country.

While these tips will help you to get started, there are a number of other online marketing components that come into play. If you would like some professional help with your online marketing campaign, including YouTube advertising, Fasturtle has the expertise.  Our online marketing professionals have over a decade of experience with search engine optimization, social media marketing and website design in San Diego and cities throughout the nation. For more information on media marketing in San Diego or wherever your business may be located, please call Fasturtle at (888) 468-8785 or contact us online.

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