Email Marketing 101

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If you use email, you probably receive a huge volume of e-newsletters. A lot of them go straight to your trash folder, like so much junk mail tossed into the recycling bin. There are so many unopened e-newsletters sitting in people’s inboxes waiting for somebody to pay them a moment of attention, it’s surprising Pixar hasn’t made a movie about them yet. Imagine: a plucky e-newsletter strives to stand out in a world of marketing messages, his only desire to get a pair of eyeballs on him long enough to result in ROI.

While we wait for the animators to get on this, let’s talk about effective e-newsletter campaigns.

Build and Manage Your List(s).

Getting people to sign up for your newsletter is simple. Services like Constant Contact prohibit buying customer information. That means everyone who receives your newsletter opts in. Why did they opt in? Did they visit your table at a sales expo? Did they visit your website and enter their email address to receive 15% off their first order? Did they sign up to learn or receive industry updates?

When you understand why a given group of subscribers opted in, you can strategically craft campaigns and CTAs based on this behavior. Someone who signs up for discounts will benefit from newsletters that look like a weekly ad insert. Someone who wants to be in the know will prefer that you keep the sales pitches to a minimum.

Give before you receive.

The conundrum marketers face: no one likes it when you’re selling them something. However, people do like it when you help them out. While you’ll be hard-pressed to prove that your marketing campaign is completely selfless, you can build relationships, trust and engagement.

Turn down the volume.

Nobody likes being yelled at, so resist the urge to use caps and exclamation points in your subject line. Also, turn down the volume by choosing quality over quantity. If you have the budget to produce great marketing emails daily, excellent! For the rest of us, a well-crafted and strategic campaign that drives engagement beats an onslaught of easily-deleted sales and promotions.

Personalize to maximize engagement.

Remember, people like being helped. Share useful information, ask nicely for feedback, or give some kind of exclusive perk. Use your lists strategically to target the correct audience. Address customers as individuals based on their history with you, e.g. the products they’ve bought or the events they’ve attended.

Delight to maximize shares and referrals.

Sing it with us: “It’s so important to make someone happy.” The content of your newsletter should make readers happy. This doesn’t mean you have to write the next great American novel – in fact, less is often more. Streamline your CTAs to make it easy for readers to engage. Make everything count.

For more information on persona-targeted email marketing, get in touch with Fasturtle.