Engaging Facebook Fans through Posts

User engagement is the key to any successful social media strategy. A company that continuously posts content ranging from sales pitches to stale, irrelevant information will not be successful in developing a relationship with their customers. Repeat offenders will quickly discover that if social media is not used in the right way, fans will develop a negative opinion toward the brand. In order to develop a valuable, trusting relationship with your customers, your social media strategy must be to provide interesting and valuable content to maintain current, and increase the number of fans and followers on your social media pages.

Fasturtle specializes in building strong relationships between a business and its customers through the use of online media. Twelve years of industry experience has allowed us to fine-tune our process to better help businesses to increase both their customer loyalty and brand awareness.

When posting on Facebook, consider the following:

  • Pictures: As the old adage goes – They’re worth a thousand words, in the age of social media – they’re worth a thousand likes and comments. Fans love seeing pictures, showcase specialty products, employees interacting with customers and new and exciting events in the business.
  • Questions: Share a story and then ask your fans to do the same. Asking a simple “this or that” question is a great way to, not only interact with customers, but also to compile valuable information which will help you to better understand and meet customer needs.
  • Quotes: If you couldn’t have said it better yourself, don’t! People love inspirational and informative quotes from experts in your industry.
  • Fill in the blank: Phrase a question that requires an explanation, such as “I love social media because _____” and let your fans fill in the blank.
  • Videos: Now the #1 form of online engagement, videos are widely circulated around Facebook. Videos create an excellent opportunity to garner user responses.
  • Say Thank You: Celebrate business milestones and accomplishments with your fans and thank them for their business and loyalty. A special cover photo or profile picture is a good way to thank your customers.
  • Special Observances: Wish your fans happy holidays or celebrate a pioneer in your industry’s birthday to engage with customers.
  • Polls: Ask your fans what interests them or what offers they’d appreciate. Some fans may not want to write out a comment, polls are a quick way to engage with customers you may not otherwise have reached.

The above techniques can be used alone or in combination with one another for effective user engagement opportunities. Regardless of the industry your company specializes in, these methods will help to increase fan interaction with your brand. Constantly brainstorming ideas for posts filled with valuable information relevant to your customers can be tricky and time consuming, but the time and effort spent will pay off. With Fasturtle’s social media services, business owners will be at ease knowing experts are working hard to build and increase customer loyalty and brand visibility. Call Fasturtle today at (888) 468-8785 or contact us online for more information on our social media, search engine optimization, web design and email marketing services.

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