It’s true; Customer Service is the lifeblood of any business. At Fasturtle®, we really put a lot of value on the service we provide our customers with. We take pride in the work that we do. So, when our clients are satisfied, that definitely brings us a lot of pride.

As some of the larger ‘household name’ web companies start to stand out with catchy commercials that feature a bevy of young beauties or race car driving spokes models, we have been asked the question recently by some of our long time clientele, what makes us any better than these large corporate companies, who offer deals that just seem too good to pass up? Well, the first thing that comes to mind is, Customer Service. Ever try to call your telephone provider, or internet provider with billing questions, technical support needs or just general questions about your service? What do you get? If you’re like any of the rest of us, chances are, you get to speak to a recording. Sometimes, you can’t even get a real ‘live’ person on the phone. Just to make matters worse, if & when you do get a live person on the phone, rarely do they have an acceptable answer to your questions. Here at Fasturtle®, if we’re by the phone, we’re answering it! You might even get to speak to the President himself, any way you look at it, you get to talk to real people who understand your needs & listen to you…And surprise!… you can even talk to the exact same person if you called back next Tuesday! No need to track case numbers, or departments, we know who you are. We are familiar with our clients, and we remember our clients. Good luck getting that kind of service in a call center housing over 500 employees!

We’re located in Scottsdale, Arizona, in the beautiful Scottsdale Airpark. Our neighbors are small business owners, and we love teaming up with our neighbors & offering them a service that we know can help increase their business, this is something we truly believe in. If you’re looking for a solution driven web services provider to grow your small business, medical practice, or law firm, & you put value in not only the tangible results, but also the level of Customer Service you receive, then you’ve just found your match! We’re up for a challenge & we love making our customers happy. Call us today for a free, yes, that’s right a FREE consultation on how Fasturtle® can help GROW your business!

Jennifer Lee, Manager of Client Services