We are excited to announce the expansion of our Fasturtle® team! After several, should we say “terrible,” interviews for our design internship, we came across one diamond in the rough, Brian Skeet. We have elected to take him under our shell to teach him everything we can about design and the internet marketing business while allowing him the opportunity to fine tune his creativity and programming skills.

In addition to our intern, we have hired a sales supper star, Christine Ostrander. She is sure to rise to the top with her go getter attitude and “won’t take no for an answer” ways. Eric Olsen has personally elected to move forward with extensive training giving her the intricate details of Fasturtle®, ensuring she provides our clients with the legendary customer service we are aiming for.

One final note for those of you out there drudging through the interview process, to avoid a “terrible” interview please, please, please go prepared, know a little about the company, and as if should even need to be said, Dress to Impress, first impressions count for 80% of the process.

Welcome aboard Christine and Brian, we wish you success and good fortune.