Fasturtle® hits the sweet spot with our Search Engine Optimization

With billions of Web pages in existence, hitting that sweet spot is a serious challenge. Let Fasturtle® handle the challenges so you can focus on your business. That’s where Fasturtle®’s SEO packages comes in. With Fasturtle®’s SEO program, we can help small businesses get ranked on Google, Yahoo and Bing.

During our recent acquisition with Designer Café, Fasturtle® is answering of basic questions like, “Once I have a website, how do I use it to generate business?” As you can see on Google AdWords, people search the internet to find businesses that provide your services. Fasturtle® can direct some of that traffic to your website using one of our several SEO programs.

Too often, businesses are choosing low cost website design or development in an attempt to save dollars or cut corners. For example small business owners are having their friend’s son, independent contractors, or a person working out of their home do the work and aren’t utilizing professional consultants or experts, like Fasturtle®, a Top 25 Ranked Business Journal Company, & accredited BBB member.

Companies like Yodle and Idearc have call centers here in Arizona that are built on selling a small business’ what they think they need. These companies do not supply what the business truly needs. It’s great to have a username and password to review your reports, but how often do the small business owners, the doctor or the lawyer actually see the report and know what it means to his/her business?

Our clients expect and are provided that quality customer service that helps the small business, doctors, lawyers and the like the ability to grow their business.

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