SCOTTSDALE, AZ – Fasturtle® Interactive announces the hiring of two new outstanding staff members with the goal of expanding their client base and maintaining their current level of exceptional customer service. Mr. Matthew Dickson, the new Marketing Coordinator, will oversee all of Fasturtle®‘s marketing campaigns, as well as serve as the face of the company at many Phoenix area functions. Matt’s goal is to ensure that Fasturtle® Interactive is widely known in the Phoenix area as a leader in the website design and internet marketing industries. He will also act as the main contact point for current client’s customer service needs, making sure that existing clients know that Fasturtle® prides itself on its unmatched concern towards its partners marketing efforts. Matt and Fasturtle® believe the best way to keep Arizona businesses strong, is provide them with the right solutions and business partners to help their organizations grow.

Ms. Samantha Leopoldi joins Fasturtle® as its new Associate Designer and search engine optimization specialist. Sam is an excellent addition to the already award winning design team at Fasturtle®, and brings a proven background in superb website design using the latest software and trends in Internet Marketing. Sam will be in charge of multiple design tasks including managing current clients search engine submissions as well as mock-ups of websites for potential Fasturtle® clients. Samantha uses her skills in design, layout and user friendly optimization, and general desire to keep things current and artistic to Fasturtle® Interactive and its partners.

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About Fasturtle® Interactive

Fasturtle® Interactive is the leading provider of website management solutions and award winning website production. Fasturtle® Interactive offers a wide range of services, including website design and hosting, E-mail support, and search engine optimization. With precision optimization techniques, Fasturtle® ensures current as well as prospective customers can find clients’ sites easily via search engines, where 87% of all internet traffic begins. Clients range from small business owners to large multinational corporations and are located across the United States, Europe, and Asia. Call (480) 348-0467 or visit for more information.