SCOTTSDALE, AZ – Wrapping up an extremely busy month, Fasturtle® Interactive proudly announces the launch of new websites for three of its outstanding partners. Based in Scottsdale, Arizona, Fasturtle® teamed with the Chandler Hotel Group and the Bregman & Burt Lawyers to completely rebuild their online presence, as well as designed and launched a brand new website for Phoenix-based Blanc Label Enterprises. Fasturtle® demonstrates its outstanding ability to meet the needs of its wide variety of clientele by tailoring Internet Marketing campaigns to each of these three extremely different businesses.

The Chandler Hotel Group is a professional investment real estate brokerage company with a focused emphasis on hotel and motel property. Founded on the principles of creating value for sellers based on market knowledge, providing access to a large pool of qualified investors and exchange buyers, the Chandler Hotel Group is an up-and-coming major player in the hotel real estate market. Fasturtle® was able to provide the Chandler Hotel Group with an elegantly designed website as well a completely state-of-the-art content management system that enables the client to manipulate the content of its web pages at any time. Fasturtle®’s ability to understand the needs of the real estate market and to integrate those needs with today’s online technology has made it one of the top website development companies in Arizona today.

The Bregman & Burt Lawyers have been providing their clients with thoughtful and creative legal advice since 1979, and were in need of an update to their antiquated website. Fasturtle® aided the law firm with a custom designed website that provides potential clients with useful information about their services offered. The Bregman & Burt Lawyers focus their knowledge and creativity on estate planning, family law, business and real estate services, and probate and trust administration. The new website incorporates the elegant design and unmatched functionality for which Fasturtle® Interactive is widely known.

Founded in 2003 by Collis Z. Newbill Sr., ZEEBRA Productions Inc., the parent company of Blanc Label Enterprises was created to provide the most accurate information to its clients/customers on a variety of topics and issues via informational videos. A perfect example of Fasturtle®’s Small Business Internet Marketing Program, was launched to coincide with the release of a new dating video, designed to help men approach and communicate better with women. “The Bottom Line” DVD, available for purchase on the website, is the end result of over 5000 hours of research and interviews intended to inform men as to what techniques really work in the dating scene. Fasturtle® Interactive was able to design, build and launch the impressive website in two weeks, giving Blanc Label a means to unveil their new video world-wide.

For more information about the Chandler Hotel Group please visit or to purchase “The Bottom Live” please visit The Bregman & Burt Lawyers new site can be found at and to learn more about Fasturtle®’s award winning services please visit

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