SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. – September 1, 2009 – Fasturtle® has created a strategy to help small businesses and professionals increase revenue. Since small businesses are also the drivers of employment growth, Fasturtle® has launched a full suite of affordable website and search engine listing solutions to help these key business enterprises quickly have measurable web results and grow.

“We wanted to provide a personalized semi-custom website solution with powerful search engine listing tools at a fraction of the normal cost to help small businesses and professionals quickly establish and expand their business during these turn around times,” said Eric Olsen with Fasturtle®. “Our entire solution can have a business on the Internet and creating strong brand identity all within one week.”

The FastSitesSM solution provides an affordable semi-custom designed website with an easy to use content management solution. The content management solution empowers the small business or professional with the ability to easily make unlimited updates to the content of their site without exuberant maintenance fees. They are also prebuilt to be search engine friendly.

“Small businesses and professionals looking for an easy to use semi-custom built website that they can manage and control the content have a great option with the FastSitesSM solution,” Olsen said. “Combined with the FastSubmittal program, the entire small business package can quickly get a business launched and driving website traffic.”

Paired with the FastSitesSM solution, Fasturtle® is offering FastSubmittal search engine listing solutions. For only $95 Fasturtle® will submit a small business website to the top 20 most used search engines including Google, Yahoo and MSN as well as 1000s of highly searched specialty search engines and niche sites. They will also provide the business with a report detailing where the site was submitted and under which category the website applies.

For small businesses and professionals interested in keyword listings, Fasturtle®’s FastSubmittal service will show business owners where they ranked according to their targeted business keywords. This informational report starts the legwork on a comprehensive online marketing campaign and is affordably priced with the normal Fasturtle® FastSubmittal service for only $195.

“We are happy to be providing this comprehensive Internet solution as a strategy to help small businesses and professionals get off the ground and grow fast,” Olsen said. “As they grow, we grow with them and everyone benefits. It’s a win win!”

For more information on Fasturtle® small business and professional services, please call 480-348-0467 or visit their website at

FastSitesSM One Page Info Sheet (PDF)

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