Fasturtle® hit a company milestone this week reaching over 100,000 people in the span of only a few months. Using Tweet Reach, we identified how many Twitter users we touched with only 50 tweets – most of which were from other Twitter users retweeting about our recent website launches of BioMed Bridge and CurlFriends. In the game of quality communications and listening to others, this exceptional tool has allowed us to track and respond to those who tweeted about Fasturtle®.

Social media has once again proven that traditional media has its work cut out for itself, when a small business can write two press releases and get their name in front of that many people who may have never heard of us otherwise.

But let’s not pretend that Twitter is the magical key to all free advertising. Like most marketing efforts, this feat came to fruition through a bevy of different aspects. From the work of the designers creating functional and beautiful websites, to writing the press releases to maintaining an active and informative Twitter account, these things do not just HAPPEN. All technology aside, there’s a reason that old adages stay true. You get out what you put in – and Fasturtle® plans on doing just that.