Technology can be very good, invisible, me-too, and boring…But, does it have to be? NO! It can be very “PURPLE COW”. Our guests for the show, Steve Zylstra (President and CEO of Arizona Technology Council) and Eric Olsen (President/Founder of Fasturtle®) share their views on where Technology is heading, the Roles they play for their companies, and how their Organizations are positioned to best serve their customers, employees, and community for future growth. You’ll get first hand information on how the Arizona Technology Council serves our State and how Fasturtle® is making a global name for themselves through the leadership of Eric Olsen. PURPLE COWS? You bet! Tune in, Get inspired, Get jazzed! Get connected! Technology is making our Lives Better, our Relationships Stronger, and our Companies more Competitive. Get ready for some remarkable conversation on THE PURPLE COWch!

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