On August 28, Google ended its three-year trial with Google Authorship; Author Rank, however, lives on. How is it possible to have Author Rank without Google Authorship? And how does Author Rank compare to Authorship? This article from the search engine optimization experts at Fasturtle explores their differences and what the future holds.

About Google Authorship

Google Authorship identified authors for display purposes and managed said identities using hidden “markup” code within web pages. Google Authorship eventually linked with Google+ to create a Google-controlled system of author identification.

Writers using Google Authorship benefited from their author names and images appear with stories, a huge bonus considering Google would often suggest stories with authorship display, which would draw more clicks.

With Google Authorship’s demise, all bylines and images related to the program are gone for good. The hidden markup codes remains on pages, but Google says it won’t hurt anything, and SEO firms in Scottsdale believe it may be in your best interest to leave it, as other companies and services can use it (the micro-forms rel=author and rel=me, for example).

About Author Rank

Author Rank allows Google to alter an authored story’s rankings based on trustworthiness. The term “Author Rank” is not actually Google’s, but was developed by the search engine optimization community to describe the concept of authorship ranking. How it works:

  • Information in search results is tied to online profiles
  • Verified profiles rank higher than unverified content
  • Users naturally click on top (verified) results
  • Anonymous authors, therefore, risk potential irrelevance

One Without the Other

Just how will Google use Author Rank in the wake of Authorship’s demise? Google says dropping Authorship will have no effect on the in-depth ranking section and or on their efforts to explore how to reward verified authors. That’s because Google recognizes search engine optimization tools other than hidden markup, such as visible bylines in news stories.

Remember: Author Rank is just one of many search engine optimization factors that go into determining Google’s listings, and is only confirmed for a limited area of Google Search. If you have questions about Google’s latest update, please contact Fasturtle today. We are a leading SEO firm in Scottsdale offering keyword optimization, custom website design, and comprehensive service packages that get help businesses get noticed and stay ahead. For the best SEO in Scottsdale, please call (888) 468-8785 or Contact Us Online.