Google Penguin and the SEO Industry

Launched on April 24th, Google Penguin is the latest update to the Google algorithm, changing the way backlink profiles are evaluated on websites. Any site that relies on unnatural links, such as exact match anchor text or comment spam, 65 percent or more of the time, is now on Google’s radar. Under the new algorithm websites using unnatural link techniques will be found and experience a significant decline in search rankings.

On the day of the Penguin launch, 3.1 percent of English searches were affected. Upon the release of the second update, .1 percent of queries were affected, followed by .3 percent on the third.  Due to these updates, millions of small businesses saw catastrophic drops in their search rankings and traffic, resulting in a loss of income over the weeks and months following the Penguin launch.

The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) industry has been affected dramatically over the past year. Constant search engine algorithm changes and the resulting updates and tweaks, have caused panic within the SEO industry and the businesses they service. While the new Penguin algorithm is aiming to rid search results of spam, it also seems to be taking aim at unknowledgeable “SEO professionals” who aren’t using SEO tools properly. Unfortunately, the businesses these companies service are the ones taking the hit, through significantly lower rankings, decreasing traffic and empty pockets.

However, the new Penguin algorithm is beneficial; it will help to increase the quality of the returned search results while also weeding out SEO spammers who are using black hat SEO techniques.  True professionals in the SEO industry are experienced in creating quality content for their clients to  increase their rankings and traffic even with the new algorithms. SEO is no longer a simple task of just optimizing titles, descriptions and content. SEO is now a much more complex industry, involving a mix of content, engagement on social media and ongoing monitoring and updating of webpages.

SEO is a time consuming process and is one that requires knowledge, skill and experience to be done correctly. At Fasturtle, our team of online marketing experts have dedicated themselves to helping businesses succeed. We work with you to create a personalized SEO strategy for all of the major search engines, including the Google Penguin algorithm, and ensure that you are achieving rankings, building your online presence and increasing traffic. Call Fasturtle today to speak with a representative at (888) 468-8785 or contact us online to learn more about our digital marketing services.

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