Google Authorship provides businesses with a way to link any content they have created in places, such as websites and blogs, with their Google+ profiles. When using Google Authorship, the company’s Google+ profile photo appears next to specified content created by that business on the search engine results pages, making it very easy for users to identify authors they are familiar with.

Google Authorship is an excellent tool to include in a search engine marketing strategy as data has shown that search results with authorship tend to have a higher rate of traffic than those pages that do not. If you would like to include authorship in your search engine marketing strategy, consider the following tips:

  • Original Content. When including authorship as part of a strategy to improve search engine optimization, it is important that you exclusively apply it to fresh, original content, such as articles and blogs. Using authorship on content that doesn’t belong to you is a major search engine marketing faux pas.
  • Avoid Content with Little Value. While you may have rewritten content to make it completely original, it is important that you only utilize authorship on pages that offer users valuable information. For example, avoid using authorship on pages that merely describe a list of products that you offer. While these kinds of pages do have importance, a user that clicks on a page with authorship expects to be provided with interesting information provided in the form of an article. If they only receive a product listing or other sales oriented information, users may quickly click the back button, leading to a devastating result for your search engine optimization.
  • One Author. Scottsdale SEO consultants always recommend that authorship only be applied to content that is credited to one individual or business entity, regardless of the number of writers. Always include a byline on such pages, and make sure that byline exactly matches the name of the author that is listed on your Google+ profile.
  • Rel=Author vs. Rel=Publisher. Rel=author is the default form of Google Authorship in that individual creators of content are able to establish a connection from anywhere on the internet directly to their Google+ profiles. For businesses, however, rel=publisher is a better option of Google Authorship as it allows them to create a verified connection between their official websites and their business Google+ profiles. Working with a local SEO company in AZ will help you to properly use authorship to improve your search engine optimization results.

Following the above tips will help you to properly implement Google Authorship as part of your overall campaign for search engine marketing.

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