Healthcare Companies Using Social Media: The Pro’s and Con’s

Social networks are excellent tools for companies looking to enhance their visibility and connect with consumers on a large-scale yet personal level. Some industries, such as fashion and travel, have seen more success with it than others (finance and insurance are slower to engage with it). In the healthcare industry, feelings are mixed as there are concerns about how ethical and relevant social networks are to the field. Should your medical facility engage in a social media marketing campaign? Read on to learn more about the benefits and potential pitfalls.


  • Public Health Messages Reach a Wider Audience: Social networks like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are excellent platforms for announcing campaigns and raising the profile of specific health causes. Information, photos, and hashtags are easily disseminated and shared.
  • Patient Feedback: Gather valuable information by observing online patterns and requesting input from fans and followers. Use it to inform and influence your healthcare facility’s policies and campaigns.
  • Increased Communication: A Facebook page allows you to answer questions and connect users with the right healthcare specialist, service, or facility.


  • Jeopardizes Confidentiality: Healthcare employees have gotten into legal trouble for their activities on social networks. They were caught having inappropriate conversations about patients and colleagues and posting photos from private medical records.
  • Undermines Reputation: When employees accept friend requests from patients on social media, it alters how your facility is perceived by other patients and colleagues. To avoid speculation about how your employees use and share personal information, keep all relationships strictly professional.
  • Inequality of Internet Access: Not everyone has access to the information available on social media. The elderly, for example, may not have the means or desire to install the Internet, leaving them at a disadvantage.

Social networks are a big part of our everyday lives and provide exposure like we have never seen before. As with any method of communication, however, there is room for abuse and misuse of personal data that could prove libelous. If you are considering implementing a social media marketing campaign for your healthcare facility, please call Fasturtle at (888) 468-8785 or Contact Us Online today. We provide proven effective digital marketing in Scottsdale the employs high ranking search engine optimization tactics, regularly scheduled email marketing, and more.

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