Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency Vs. Hiring an In-House Employee

February 15, 2021

Digital marketing services are essential to generating online leads. Most online interactions begin with a search. Those that do not begin with a search require targeted advertising.

But nearly 90% of Internet users say they encounter more ads than just two years ago. This means that you must compete against thousands, or even millions, of other websites to reach potential customers. Putting your website in front of potential customers requires an ongoing review of website analytics and continuous tweaking.

You have two options for obtaining digital marketing services — hire an employee or contract with a digital marketing agency. Here are three benefits of using a digital marketing agency rather than an in-house employee:


An in-house employee, no matter how experienced, will have less experience than a digital marketing team. A digital marketing agency usually draws experts from a range of fields, including social media marketing, search engine optimization, and website design.

This allows a digital marketing agency to handle any issue that might arise. If your website is broken or needs optimization, an agency can shift resources to solve that problem. If you are launching a new service or product, your agency can develop a multi-pronged campaign to promote it.


Digital marketing services are continually evolving. Search engines develop new products or change the rules that govern their old ones. Algorithms used by social media platforms to serve ads evolve. Research on marketing techniques helps marketers develop new approaches.

Digital marketing agencies have lots of people and can stay on top of new developments. The process most marketing agencies use is to send one or two people from the agency to interesting seminars and have those seminar attendees teach everyone else what they learned.

To get the same level of knowledge, an in-house employee would spend virtually all their time at seminars. This would leave the in-house employee with no time to apply all that new knowledge.


Digital marketing agencies are more efficient than an in-house employee. Their efficiency shows in a few ways:

  • Cost: A digital marketing agency is less expensive than in-house employees. Even if you need a lot of work done, a digital marketing agency is still a shared service that allows you to get the benefit of multiple employees while only paying the agency a single fee. More importantly, when you have little or no work to be done, you will still need to pay your employee but your digital marketing agency is only paid for the work completed.
  • Time: A digital marketing agency will work faster than a single employee. When you have work to be done, an agency can surge resources to get everything done. This means that the work that might take an employee an entire week to complete can be finished in a couple days by an agency.

Working with an in-house employee can be a worthwhile experience. But you need to understand what you are in for and how this experience will differ from working with a digital marketing agency. Moreover, you need to understand the relative benefits of a digital marketing agency versus an in-house employee so you can make a reasonable choice between the two options. Contact Fasturtle Digital today to learn more about how our digital marketing agency can help you.

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