Even if your business is local or bricks and mortar, you still want a successful online presence. Marketing your brand should be one of your top priorities. If you're not integrating a keyword and SEO strategy into marketing your company, then you're missing out on significant business opportunities.

When it comes to your marketing strategy, you will want to leverage as many organic search practices as possible. Below are some tips to follow that will bring your SEO strategy in line with your marketing strategy.

Use regular and long-tail keywords. You will want to discover which keywords and phrases will work for you, then incorporate these into all of your online platforms. By doing this, you are sending out a unified message that this is who we are, no matter where you find us.

Make the best use of internal links. When someone is on your website you want to give them the opportunity to click through to another webpage – preferably one also a part of your website. You can add internal links everywhere: in blog posts, page content, email campaigns, news releases, and any other business content. By doing this, you are keeping your customers on your pages for a longer time, and you are engaging them more.

Optimize your social media presence. Whatever it is that you are promoting, writing about, or targeting for your business, it should be announced on the social media platforms most advantageous to your business. If you have blog posts that are posted regularly, then a link to these should be out there on your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or other channels. People should be seeing you across all of these venues regularly. This, in particular, is where Fasturtle an SEO company in Scottsdale, can help.

How do you speak to your customers? Your business should be all about your customer. If it isn't, and you are optimizing merely for top keyword position or a spot on page one of Google, then your company will never achieve the success you are looking for. When your customers visit your website, everything they read, every link they click should be geared towards their interests.

Create blockbuster content. This, above all, will make all of your time and efforts pay off. When you optimize content properly, you will likely experience some of your most impressive gains in the value of your company. Your visitors are looking for the best you can give them, and by combining local digital marketing services with visitor outcomes, you'll be on the road to greater success.

If you need help aligning your SEO with a marketing strategy, call Fasturtle today. We are a leading SEO company based in Scottsdale, with the experience and expertise to help you create a fresh custom website design and a targeted brand strategy. Call (888) 468-8785 or Contact Us Online to get started!