How to Expand Your Pinterest Presence

Pinterest is a popular social site among consumers, with 47 percent of online shoppers making a purchasing decision based on something they have seen posted on the site. With a statistic such as this, businesses should be taking advantage of all the benefits the site can offer.

In addition to reaching a large target audience, Pinterest is also very easy for business owners to use. The site has continuously focused efforts on developing new business tools, including business accounts and a recently added analytics tool, an effective way of tracking your social media ROI.

If you are interested in adding Pinterest to your social media marketing efforts, the following list of tips can help:

  • Create Specialized Boards. Rather than using one board for your business on Pinterest, create multiple boards with different themes that showcase your products and services. For example, you can have boards for various seasons, weekly specials and more. This will help to keep consumers interested in what you are sharing on the site.
  • Use High Quality Images. Pinterest is all about images, so it’s important that you spend the time to post photos that are appealing to the eye. Not only should the content of the picture be something of interest, but the photo itself must be high quality. Each pin should be no more than 554 pixels, and should include fun, well-written descriptions as well as citations if taken from another source.
  • Post Videos. While images makeup most of the pins on Pinterest, videos are a great tool for businesses to include. Choose only the most popular of videos based on analytics from your website or YouTube channel. The videos should have appealing cover images and should include proper titles, descriptions and tags.
  • Integrate. Pinterest should be integrated into your overall efforts for online marketing in Phoenix. Work with a company specializing in web design in Phoenix to place Pinterest buttons on your website, email marketing newsletters, blog and social media pages, such as Facebook and Twitter. With highly integrated online marketing strategies, you help to strengthen the credibility of your brand and increase traffic to your various business sites.
  • Measure. It is important to understand how well your Pinterest boards are performing with your target audience, so you are able to make adjustments to your strategy. Make sure to optimize your pins for SEO purposes and regularly measure your progress.

Taking the above tips into consideration will help you to develop a Pinterest strategy that will work well for small business branding and marketing.

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