So you want to rank on search engines for long tail phrases. As you should, long tail phrases are a clearer indicator of searcher intent so they give you a better idea of where a customer is in their journey. But, these phrases often lack volume of shorter phrases so their value is not always as apparent by the volume. So below is a short and dirty long tail keyword priority list to keep in mind when mining.

  • Know who you’re completing with by manually searching SERPS. Using a tool bar will help decide if you can complete against the highest ranking websites.
  • Cover a wide range of keywords: In these cases, its ok to be less targeted and cover a wide range of keywords targets.
  • Do Keyword Research from Short to Long: Start with the single phrase and then increase targeting until you have your full list of keywords.
  • Make Your Own Keyword: Just make up your own long tail words based on what is relevant.
  • Turn Your Keyword into a Question: Developing content that answers a question for a user is going to provide better value to a reader.
    • Bonus: When you ask and answer a question in your content you don’t have to create a messy audience persona and fuss about sticking people in boxes they won’t fit in. Information is neutral and not based on a false persona. DUH!

For more information on keyword search best practices you can read our Turtletalk Blog.