How to Harness the Power of WordPress 4.0

WordPress is an incredibly popular content management system, allowing businesses like yours to have a web presence with blog articles and well laid out webpages. WordPress 4.0 encourages businesses entrepreneurship by enabling any company, large or small, to maintain their web presence using built-in tools, widgets, themes, and an easy-to-use platform. You do not need to worry about managing the design thinking process on your own — WordPress 4.0 does a lot of the heavy lifting. Here’s how you can use it to help with your business’s web presence.

When it comes to business entrepreneurship, cost matters. If you are working on developing a web presence from scratch, you may want to test the waters before committing lots of company funds and resources. WordPress 4.0 is free and open source — better yet, it is used by many companies involved in online business entrepreneurship, so it has been well-tested.

Flexibility Through Plug-Ins

WordPress 4.0 offers a huge number of plugins that you should consider in your design thinking process. These plugins handle everything from filtering out spam comments to making search engine optimization practically optimize itself! Using WordPress 4.0 and its plugin area, you can see lots of information about each plugin, from the last time it was updated to what rating users have given it. WordPress plugins give you access to data and valuable tools, helping you step up your business entrepreneurship goals.


From a visual standpoint WordPress 4.0 lets you have a lot of control in the design thinking process. If you are envisioning a particular theme or look for your site, it’s doable through WordPress. Widgets and plugins give you even more choices, making the design thinking process painless. Whatever you have envisioned for your business, it is likely that WordPress can make it a reality.

Whether you want to blog, or skip the articles and set up a clean, simple website, WordPress 4.0 works well for either – or both! You can build pages within WordPress 4.0 that are separate from a blog, like traditional pages of a website. If you want to expand in the future, adding to your web presence with a blog or other pages is as simple as clicking a few buttons and inputting your content. You can edit, schedule, and delete with ease.

With WordPress 4.0, web design and online business entrepreneurship have never been easier.

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