Nearly every business has an online presence these days – it’s rare to discover a business, no matter how small, without some sort of internet or social media presence. Whether you have had a website for a long time or are just dipping your toes into the web world, there are steps you can take to make your online presence the best it can be.

Use Responsive Web Design

There are so many varieties of devices with which people access the internet, from small smartphone screens to large desktop monitors. When it comes to your web presence, one size does not fit all! But how can you design your website to work well with every customer’s tech set-up?

Responsive web design is intelligent web design. Using responsive web design, your business page will scale itself to any screen resolution. A mobile user on a site made with responsive web design may see smaller images and easier-to-read text, knowing words must be read on a small screen, while someone with a large monitor could be treated to extra-large photos.

Responsive web design improves your online presence by catering to your customers wherever they’re accessing your site.

Be Google Graph Friendly

Google graph, also known as knowledge graph, pulls information from reliable sources to maximize the information searchers get when they use Google. Graph searches take a look at contextual information from official sources. Google Graph can improve your online presence by helping your pages show up more frequently for customers.

Cement a Social Presence

Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social media platforms are not just for individuals anymore. Business users develop a social presence, allowing companies to connect with their customers on another level and easily share and refer others to the business through social media.

Your social presence gives you the opportunity to share your products, services, and business philosophy in more places, widening your potential client pool. And, your social presence can make you appear to be more trustworthy, friendly, and accessible to people, who can now reach out in numerous ways and are getting personal recommendations from friends online.

Improving your online presence with Google Graph techniques, social presence, and responsive web design are all great ways to boost your business. Bring your business up to speed with the internet — if you are going to be online you might as well make your internet presence a valuable business tool.