How to Promote Your Brand: PPC or SEO?

2019-10-02T11:57:50-07:00July 3rd, 2019|Branding, Paid Media, SEO|

Deciding on an approach for marketing your brand can feel like a major decision. After all, this is how you’re going to promote all of your hard work! Your choice needs to be the right one to ensure that your work gets in front of the biggest and best possible audience.

So, which is the best approach: PPC or SEO? Let’s look at both, so you can make an informed decision.


PPC – or pay-per-click advertising – is one technique that is often overlooked in today’s world, simply because it has roots in the earlier iterations of digital marketing. However, this technique is by no means outdated. Indeed, it is still being used with great success by businesses around the world; the key is simply knowing how to use it properly.

The benefit of PPC advertising is that the fee you pay is somewhat more guaranteed to gain results. This is because the keyword chosen is more targeted and presented in a way that is more transparent, so consumers are more likely to click through to your page because they are already looking for a product or service like yours. The drawback? Those that aren’t actively searching aren’t likely to click through the way they might if the search felt more organic.


Speaking of an organic feel, nothing delivers that natural search approach like SEO, or search engine optimization. This is a technique that involves the use of strategic construction of your website and its text to catch the attention of those searching for similar terms via popular search engines.

How does this happen? Search engines use algorithms to automatically match people who are browsing with websites that seem to match their queries the best. When your site is optimized via SEO, you are more likely to show up in more of these search result lists. Consumers who want to “find you on their own” are more likely to click through to your page in this way, rather than to “fall for” a PPC advertisement.

Which Should You Choose?

Which of these options you choose is ultimately up to you. Many businesses even opt for a combination of both, along with other techniques. If you’re not sure, consider consulting a digital marketing professional.

Contact your local Phoenix area digital marketing specialist to learn more about how to deploy the strategy – or combination thereof – you’ve chosen or to get help making your choice. At Fasturtle, we help Phoenix area businesses make the most of whatever strategy they select, as well as to integrate multiple strategies if they choose to. With our marketing knowledge and experience and your drive, there’s nothing we can’t help you accomplish!