A number of factors including sender name, subject line and even time of day can determine whether emails sent as part of an email marketing campaign get opened. In an attempt to increase open rates, researchers have discovered several elements that can help increase email open rates.

One of the most important factors for a recipient when deciding whether or not to open an email is the subject line. The first impression of your email, the subject line, sets expectations for the entire email.

The following tips will assist you in constructing an attention grabbing subject line, resulting in higher open rates:

  • Dedicate Time: Don’t rush through writing your subject line, think it through and develop a compelling subject line that you’d find interesting if you were to see it in your own inbox.
  • Test Multiple Lines: Creating multiple subject lines and splitting your contact list into sample groups will give you a better idea on how to effectively reach your overall target audience by observing open rate data.
  • Urgency:  Including a call to action and developing a sense of urgency using deadlines helps boost open rates. Expiration dates, holiday sales and limited quantities are all effective techniques in conveying a sense of urgency.
  • Relevance: A subject line should directly reflect the content of the email; giving readers expectations of what the email contains can increase open rates as well as increasing the number of click-throughs in the email.
  • Avoid looking like spam: Overuse of caps lock, excessive punctuation, typos and inappropriate language in subject lines are tactics commonly used by spammers. If your email does get through the spam filters, your recipients are likely to view it as spam and mark the email as such.

By applying an effective subject line to an email campaign you can expect increased open rates, which in turn translate to increased click throughs, additional web traffic and enhanced lead generation. If you are in need of assistance developing a professional email marketing campaign, contact a Fasturtle representative today and discover how email marketing can boost your customer communication, directly target your customers and lower your marketing costs. Call Fasturtle today at (888) 468-8785 or contact us online today.