For SEO’s in Scottsdale, the hardest part of any digital marketing campaign is prioritization. SEO’s today do a little bit of everything— from building links and garnering traffic to mastering algorithm updates and determining keywords, there is a lot to keep organized (not to mention juggling clients). It is a daily reality, and it is exhausting, but necessary. To ensure your next search engine optimization campaign is coordinated and effective, follow these three steps:

1. Identify Goals

A good strategy for SEO’s in Scottsdale is to think big, not small. Rather than focusing on which keyword has the highest average search volume, focus on the best-selling service or product: a slight increase in the latter garners greater impact than a larger increase in the former.

For example:    Good Goal = See 20 percent increase in sales for tennis sneakers.                                              Bad Goal = Increase ranking and organic traffic for “sneakers”

Remember: goals must be qualitative so they can be measured, reported on, and achieved or adjusted.

2. Perform a Site Audit

Now that you have determined the search engine optimization campaign’s goals, figure out how close you are to achieving them:

  • What, if any, optimization exists?
  • Do areas need improvement?
  • What is your current ranking for relevant keywords?
  • Which competitors outrank you? Why?

Then, when determining what to change, consider these four things:

  • How long it will take and what resources it will use
  • What the impact will be on SEO and the overall business
  • How long the impact will take
  • Whether you, or someone on your digital marketing team, can actually do it

The last one typically only comes into play with enterprise companies or for issues with a site’s architecture and technology, but it is always worth considering.

3. Test It

You never know what search engines will pay attention to until you try, so implement the SEO campaign on a small scale and watch for what works and what doesn’t. It is much easier to make small adjustments now than it is to make drastic changes later. Make the adjustments, test against the original, and repeat until you are satisfied with the completed search engine optimization campaign. The best and most effective SEO and web development in Scottsdale not only has clear goals and effective prioritization, but real-life test-runs that pinpoint successes and failings.