Key Benefits of Mobile Website Design

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If you live on planet earth, odds are you know someone owns and uses a smartphone or tablet. The newest Pew Internet study shows that 95 percent of Americans own a cell phone, and 77 percent of cell phone owners use a smartphone. For young people ages 18 to 29, cell phone ownership is at 100 percent, with a smartphone adoption at 94 percent. Even 46 percent of senior citizens ages 65 and older can lay claim to smartphone usage.

No matter what educational level, ethnicity, household income, or location, mobile phones are nearly universal. While desktop and laptop ownership has been flat at 75 percent since 2008, the use of tablets is making a steady rise with 50 percent of Americans adopting them since 2011. In the face of overwhelming adoption, some businesses still lag in optimizing their websites for mobile users, and they’re shooting themselves in the foot.

Key Points and Benefits to Mobile Optimization

  1. An unoptimized website on a mobile device can look like a jumble of images and blocks of text. Users landing on an unoptimized page will leave in droves.
  2. When the page loads quickly and completely, and the user can readily access the information by navigating the menu, this leads to increased time on the site.
  3. “When is this page going to load!?” We’ve all seen the little spinning icon just kept going and going. Odds are that anyone landing on a slow-loading page will navigate away if that page does not load within four seconds.
  4. SEO services for mobile-optimized sites are critical, especially since voice search is becoming more popular. Working with mobile SEO, tailoring keywords to voice search, and creating good content is key to capturing customers.

Make It Mobile

In Phoenix and Scottsdale, mobile small business web design can take an older site with falling traffic and bring it into the next phase of the internet. Combining website design with SEO services, Fasturtle uses the full breadth of digital marketing to bring their clients the best possible results. With over 50 percent of worldwide web traffic being experienced on a smartphone, isn’t it time to get your small business website caught up?