First and foremost, Fasturtle® wishes to express our deepest sympathy to all of those families whom have had to leave their homes in the last few days due to the Wallow Fire. We would also like to Thank the Fire Fighters out there risking their lives to battle this fire protecting Arizona’s towns and forests.

On a lighter note, Fasturtle® is venturing down a new path of creating and employing “Legendary Customer Service” and we thought what better way to find out how to do this, than to ask our clients.

We are positive everyone knows the story of the Nordstrom Tire return, where a customer had wanted to return a set of tires. Nordstrom is a high-end clothing store and tires are not a product they sell. However, the clerk accepted the tires and refunded the money to the customer, ensuring that the client was satisfied and pleased enough to return to the store. In turn, this generated not only, headline news for “Legendary Customer Service” but, also spread like a wild fire for word of mouth campaigns and the retention of long term loyal customers.

Fasturtle® would like to duplicate something extraordinary and legendary for our clients, so we are interested in what your idea of Legendary Customer Service is. Please send us a message and let us know what your idea of extraordinary and legendary customer service would be.