Did you know over 77% of small businesses have inaccurate or duplicate online local listings?

Our Local SEO solution ensures this will not be the case for your business. Mobile search traffic has already exceeded desktop traffic and continues to climb as more and more users look to their tablets and phones to interact with search engines to find what they need. Getting your business more visibility in mobile search has become a priority and as a local business it should be extremely important to you.

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With more and more users turning to mobile devices to search, shop, call, get directions, read reviews and engage by clicking through links to business websites there are a number of factors that go into Google’s localized algorithm. In fact, Google recently changed their localized search results from what was commonly referred to as the “7-pack” to a leaner “3-pack” or 3 localized results showing up. Freeing up space to deliver Paid ads (at the top) to mobile users but also to ensure their results are providing users the best experience. This move will demand local businesses adhere to best practices which include quality mapping & information (NAP) consistency, removing duplicate listings, providing good descriptions, acquire citations, contact information and branding among several others seen below.

Fasturtle will help your business be found using some key best practices such as…

Set Up, Claim & Optimize Your Google My Business Page

Set Up, Claim & Optimize Your Google My Business Page


Fasturtle will set up accurate, relevant NAP information including categorical optimization, branding and verified your GMB listing

Create specific landing Pages for each of your business locations

Create specific landing Pages for each of your business locations


As a best practice for ranking, Fasturtle recommends each location has its own web page within your website including some unique content. We will set this up and optimize it.

Fasturtle will build monthly citations to help your listing rank

Fasturtle will build monthly citations to help your listing rank


Citations are part of Googles algorithm review and Fasturtle will build and report on monthly citations that are both niche (industry relevant), geo and top tier citations.

Reputation is important and Fasturtle can monitor reviews

Make proper use of citations


Fasturtle can provide you with a review filtering platform on yoru website to drive reviews as well as deter negative reviews. We also provide an alert monitoring program that will notify you anytime any user leaves a new review anywhere across the major 80+ review sites

Fasturtle’s Local SEO Solutions

As your Local SEO expert, Fasturtle provides a holistic approach with ongoing monthly added value, while measuring KPI based metrics to help you understand how your mobile performance is doing.

We create, optimize and verify your Google My Business listing for each of your physical locations. Once established, we then build and clean up your business across the top tier citation directories. These top tier citations are directories that apply to all businesses across the digital landscape equally. Understanding that there are unique niche or geo directories specific to your industry, we then ensure your business is set up and built on them as well. Creating an entire eco-system of relevance, consistency, opportunity for review capture and mobile user engagement. Our ability to dynamically update your business listings across all of these directories helps to earn trust by users, search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing) and ultimately your business 3 pack ranking ability. Concurrent to this, we also remove any duplicate listings that are generated or pre-existing to ensure your business is set up for success. With Local Search, you won’t have to be the middleman between your website and directories, leave that to the team at Fasturtle.