Your dedicated customers probably know that you have a web presence, but what about new customers, or people who have yet to encounter your business? Using your web presence to capture new business, and remind existing customers of your products and services, can only help with your company’s success. Here’s how to use SEO marketing and best web design practices to let the whole world know about your web presence!

The best web design is one that works well for everyone, whether they’re on a smartphone, a tablet, or a computer with a larger monitor. Best web design practices call for accessibility and scalability. Using design tools like responsive web design makes your website visible and usable for every one of your clients.

In order to create the best website design for your business, think from the perspective of your customers. As a client and user, what do you want to see, and how easy is it to find that information? Having easy to find search functions and a contact page makes it simple for customers to get in touch, giving your web presence a purpose.

If you are using your web presence as a sales tool by providing e-commerce opportunities, advertise your web store in many different avenues. Tell your customers they can shop online!

SEO marketing takes your web presence to the next level. By identifying popular keywords people use to find websites like yours, you can use SEO marketing to include these phrases and words in your web content. When you add SEO keywords into blog articles, image descriptions, URLs, and other aspects of your website, search engines will find them and make your pages appear more readily to the public. This brings your web presence up a notch, allowing you to reach even more people!

A good SEO marketing plan evaluates what you need to do to better utilize SEO for your website, then implements it, bringing you great results with just a few tweaks. If you are not already using SEO marketing tools for your site, it is an easy way to make a difference in how successful your online endeavors can be.

As a business owner you know how important a good online presence is to the success of your business. Use SEO marketing and develop the best web design possible, and watch the page views roll in.