Last year’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales topped $65 million and $1 billion dollars, respectively– and this skyrocketing trend isn’t poised to stop in 2013. These immensely lucrative shopping days have become profoundly important for online retailers, but with recent SEO changes such as Google Hummingbird now in the mix, this year presents interesting website content development challenges. To help you navigate these changes and maximize sales, consider the following before enlisting custom website developers.

Landing Pages – Create a unique page for each product group. Research relevant keywords, and place them in the page’s title tag and header tags so your pages pop up when similar keywords are searched. Consult a local SEO company in Arizona if you need help determining keywords.

Mobile Use – Many buyers now shop from tablets and mobile devices, so ensure your site is mobile-ready. A reputable website design team in Scottsdale can help you create a responsive, user-friendly mobile site that keeps users on your pages.

Rankings – Analyze yours and your competitors’. A local SEO company in Arizona can help, as they are trained to establish anticipated keywords and can compare the ones you want against the ones you already use. Once you know what keywords to optimize and understand your ranking, examine competitor sites’ design, mobile usage, blog freshness and social media use, and adjust accordingly.

Website Audit – Check that common issues aren’t lowering your rankings: weak SEO components (title tags, etc.), mediocre mobile compatibility and redundant content across sites or domains are popular problems.

Site Speed – Slow load times negatively impact both organic search rankings and users’ experiences. Aim for a 2 second load time: if it takes more than 4 seconds, one quarter of users will leave.

Testing – Test and re-test the site (split A/B test) to ensure flawless usability. A custom website developer can help you determine high-converting keywords for SEO and test different queries for traffic types.

Social Media – Online consumers often use social media outlets as research tools. Create a social media marketing strategy that uses Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest to generate traffic. In 2012, the hashtag #cybermonday was the most popular of the day; utilizing similar tactics is a smart way to attract buyers.

To ensure your site is prepared for the busiest online shopping days of the year, contact the professional custom website developers at Fasturtle. As a trusted and reputable local SEO Company in Arizona, the Fasturtle team can help you create an intelligent, competitive, and cutting-edge site that is mobile-ready, keyword-rich, and ready for the masses. For the most effective and experienced website content development in Arizona, call 888-468-8785 or Contact Us