Mobile Techniques to Build Customer Relationships

Businesses cannot survive without the support of loyal customers, which is why it is absolutely essential that you make an effort to form relationships with your target market. The best way to build and maintain these customer relationships is through regular engagement, which can be accomplished with a strong, integrated online marketing strategy.

While many successful online marketing campaigns include basics, such as search engine optimization strategies and the development of appealing, easily navigable small business websites in Scottsdale, one of the newer strategies is that of mobile marketing. The number of smartphone users has increased dramatically in just the past few years alone, and continues to grow with each passing year. For this reason, mobile marketing is a highly beneficial strategy that businesses should seriously consider including in campaigns for online marketing.

The following is a list of mobile marketing techniques that can help you to build and maintain customer relationships:

  • Text Messages. If your business is running a special promotion or has some new, exciting products or services, you can send out a text message to inform those customers who have registered for text message alerts. Most individuals with smartphones carry them throughout the day and night, meaning the message will reach them almost instantaneously. Push notifications, which send text messages when a customer is within a certain distance of your location, can also be set. This mobile advertising strategy allows you to reach your customers in a timely fashion, and helps your business to stay fresh in mind.
  • Polls and Surveys. With mobile marketing, you can easily text a link for a poll or survey, and receive instant feedback from your customers straight from their mobile phones. Not only will you gain valuable insight on how your customers are feeling about your business, but you also are engaging and building loyalty. Customers will feel that you genuinely care about them when asking for their feedback, and will be more inclined to do business with you in the future.
  • Social Media Integration. Your campaign for mobile marketing can be integrated with your accounts on social media networks, such as Facebook and Twitter. Most smartphone owners use social media on their mobile devices to share information with followers, especially on the businesses that they frequent, so it is important that businesses take advantage of this by allowing customers to easily share mobile actions on social media sites. To accomplish this, it is best that a business employ a company specializing in mobile app development in Scottsdale.

Including the above tips in your strategy for mobile marketing will help you to best engage and increase loyalty among your target audience.

If you are interested in creating an integrated online marketing campaign that includes mobile marketing and mobile app development in Scottsdale or wherever your business may be located, the online marketing experts at Fasturtle can help. With over a decade of experience, we have the knowledge and skills to create personalized mobile advertising strategies that will resonate best with your unique audience. To learn more about how mobile marketing can help your online marketing campaign, call Fasturtle today at (888) 468-8785 or contact us online.

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