Social Media Management

Beyond Tweets and Hashtags

54% of Social Browsers use social media to research products. Social media is more than just a trend. It’s a way for your business to stay relevant, build web presence, and best of all, gain new clients.

Strategy Development

We meet with your team to discuss your goals and plan social media tactics that align with your company.

Social Media Setup

We can set up professional social media accounts for your business, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Content Creation

We allow our clients to update us with industry trends and do our own research to publish the content your clients are looking for.


We consistently post refreshing and relevant content on different social media platforms to ensure we’re reaching your audience.


We keep track of how your posts are performing and how audiences are responding to enhance our strategy.

How Social Media Helps Your Brand

Social media management are services engineered around the specific KPI’s your business seeks to achieve. We put our blend of insight, assets, and expertise to work so you’ll have tangible ROI driven results.

Some of our social media strategies include:

Examples of Social Media Posts

Fasturtle’s Social Media Management Services



Total 12 posts per month syndicated to 3 platforms (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn).



Total 20 Posts Per Month; Five customized posts per week.
Three platforms: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.



Total 20 posts per month syndicated to 3 platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn).
Additional 20 custom tailored posts for Instagram.

Is your business utilizing one of the biggest marketing platforms out there?