Oh Lord, How Long?

Will there ever be an end to the attack on the Redistricting Commission? The people of the State of Arizona empowered an independent redistricting commission several years ago. They have been meeting and working on a new districting plan, while it has some flaws, does represent a solution. So what happened next, an all out attack before the plan was presented for review and public comment.

First, it was their perception of the chairman of the commission not being the independent voice as was intended. And their reason was what? Her husband did work for democrats. Forget that he also did work for republicans as well. Then they didn’t like the shape of the districts and that communities of the same political ilk were not positioned to their liking. So they ignored the will of the people and fired the chairman. Want to find out more about this interesting article? Continue reading here

Article written by: Wayne Rowan

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