In today’s online world, it is important for small businesses to establish a strong online presence in order to stay competitive. Business owners must have a well-designed small business website in San Diego or wherever their business may be located, as well as a strong integrated marketing strategy that includes such tools as search engine programs, custom websites, social media, blogging and more. To help increase visibility online, many businesses are turning to local online marketing tools to supplement their current strategies. One such tool is Yahoo! Local, which is an excellent platform to add to your online marketing repertoire.

Yahoo! Local listings are relatively easy to maintain, and will help you to reach customers located in your immediate area. The following guide will help you to best optimize a Yahoo! Local listing:

  • Provide Information. The information listed on your Yahoo! local listing will determine whether or not a user decides to do business with you. For this reason, it is essential to provide users with as much information as possible. Be sure to include all contact information, such as phone number, email and address. Most businesses also place a link to their small business website in San Diego, so customers can learn more.
  • Engage. Customers may leave reviews about their experience with your business on your local listing page. Anytime you receive reviews, you should make sure to read them and respond to any questions, concerns or complaints. When you engage and show customers that their opinions really matter to you, their loyalty to your business increases.
  • High Quality Photos. People love visuals, so include high quality photos on your listing page that represent your business in a professional manner. While the basic Yahoo! Local page only allows you to add one photo, you do have the option of upgrading to an enhanced listing where you can add up to ten.
  • Use Keywords. Like with traditional search engine programs on sites, such as Google, Yahoo! Local provides a search bar for visitors to search for business categories or locations, and returns information on a results page. Using business specific keywords, like you would with any other SEO program in San Diego, will help you to increase your search ranking within the Yahoo! Local program. Place keywords throughout your listing page in places, such as the title and description.

Following the above tips will help you to optimize a Yahoo! Local listing, which is beneficial for reaching customers in the area that you do business.

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