Optimizing Content for Social Networks

Sharing content across multiple social networks is not a one-size-fits-all endeavor. Each platform is unique, and requires a tailored strategy to engage its specific audience. This article from Fasturtle, experts in social media marketing in Scottsdale, examines the best ways to share content on the top five social networks:


Network: Facebook

Strategy: Blend In

Facebook is a healthy mix of business and pleasure, so post messages that maintain that balance. Marketing messages should blend nicely with updates from family and friends, while also encouraging click-trough’s. A friendly, conversational tone doesn’t feel boring or spammy, and fits in with more personal content in users’ news feeds (but keep it short and sweet).


Network: Twitter

Strategy: Be Brief

Twitter’s 140-character limit has always set it apart from other social networks. That limit includes spaces and the characters in links and images. The moral: choose words wisely. Instead of posting a link to an article, for example, just tweet a summary of it. Be direct and ask yourself: “Would I click on this tweet?” If not, keep editing.


Network: Instagram

Strategy: Hashtags

More than just images and videos, Instagram is about hashtags. Hashtags allow you to reach a broader audience by being part of a bigger conversation. Search existing hashtags or create your own: asking fans to share a customized hashtag in their captions spurs momentum in your marketing campaigns and creates crowdsourced content that can be shared across other social networks.


Network: LinkedIn

Strategy: Professional Discussions

Content here should be relevant to your industry and encourage other experts in your field to share and discuss. It is a professional platform and has a different tone from other networks, but it should still invite commentary: by posing questions and asking for opinions, followers will feel like part of the discussion.


Network: Google+

Strategy: Image Sharing

Google+ is one of only two social networks (Twitter is the other) that allows users to share GIFs in their follower’s streams. Images weigh heavily here, so rework content to include compelling pictures that tell a story, or create a GIF that shows fans how something is made. The goal is strong images and repurposed content that users can consume from a new point of view.

When sharing content across social networks, the key is to tailor it appropriately. At Fasturtle, we specialize in social media marketing in Scottsdale that helps clients achieve higher user engagement and broader audience reach. To speak with a team member about Facebook advertising, search engine optimization, and other social network strategies, please call (888) 468-8785 or Contact Us Online.


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