Smartphones and other types of mobile tech are ubiquitous, meaning most of your customers are walking around with a connection to you in their pockets! SEO marketing has to shift to accommodate mobile technology and mobile search. Your web presence extends beyond customers’ home computers, these days, and your SEO marketing should reflect that.

You have probably put a lot of effort into building your web presence in general, working on SEO marketing and making your website accessible and easy to find with web searches. Mobile search works a bit differently, however.

First of all, it is important to know that having a mobile web presence actually increases your SEO standings. Mobile search gives your users another place to find you and makes for additional platforms for your SEO marketing strategies.

You can use your mobile web presence to bring in local customers using Google local business. Getting your website into the Google local business listings allows you to find the people who are actively searching for relevant content in your geographical area. This means people who are using Google for local business searches are more likely to find you and visit your physical presence. You can make your mobile web presence optimized for Google local business by ensuring all of your contact information is easily found and up to date, so your customers who search for you can get in touch right away.

SEO marketing will also bring users in through Google local business. Use your geographical location as part of your optimized keywords so people in your area can find you. Combine the geographical keywords with other popular and relevant words and phrases you have selected, and it will help bring your site up high onto search engine results pages.

Make sure your web presence has been optimized for mobile browsers — if you bring people in through SEO marketing and Google local business, you will want them to be able to navigate within your site easily! Responsive web design helps in this area, ensuring that your web presence works equally well for mobile and desktop users.

If you take a look at your search analytics you should be able to see how many mobile users are accessing your site, what search terms are landing them there, and what devices they are using. This should inform your mobile SEO marketing.

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