PR Tips for the Search Marketer

Public relations is an important component to include in campaigns for online marketing in Phoenix or any other city throughout the nation. A strong PR strategy crafted by companies in media marketing in Phoenix can help your business to gain publicity through various media sources, such as websites, blogs and social media sites. When your content is picked up by online outlets such as these, your small business website builds valuable inbound links, and receives an increase in traffic levels, improving your search engine rankings.

The following is a list of tips that will help you to increase your chances of garnering the attention of media sources in order to benefit your small business website:

  • Identify the Author. Your small business website or blog must provide content that is both valuable and interesting to your target audience. One of the first decisions to make is who will be writing for your brand. Will it be you, your employees, a professional copywriter or a mix of all three? After making a decision, you can then strategize and decide on the type of content that the writers should share on your small business website. Focus on crafting content that will build your brand and increase your chances of gaining exposure. A company specializing in media marketing in Phoenix can provide you with expert copywriters who can help you begin the process.
  • Locate Media Outlets. After you have decided on who will author your content as well as the type of content you will provide, you should then set out to find websites and other online publications that may be interested in picking up on your small business website. If you thoroughly understand your target audience, you will be able to easily pick out websites that are highly relevant to both them and your industry.
  • Make a Connection. Once you have located the sites that you think would be a good fit for the content of your small business website, you enter the outreach phase. The first step in this phase is to correctly identify the contact by looking for titles, such as editor, contributor, writer or moderator. Then, reach out to them. Make a phone call, send an email or comment on social media, and briefly explain your business and why the content on your small business website would be valuable to their audience.
  • Pitch. Pitching is somewhat of an art form, and isn’t something that can just be blasted out to multiple sources in an email as it should be more personalized. When pitching to the media, you should always target specific publications or websites that are most relevant to your business in order to increase your chances of being picked up on. It is also important that provide your source with exclusivity, which is achieved by pitching to one outlet at a time. Give the media source a reasonable amount of time to respond, usually two or three days, and if they aren’t interested, move onto your next choice.
  • Maintain Relationships. After making a connection with a site or publication, you must put in the time and effort to maintain and grow the relationship. You should give these sites and publications the impression that you are an expert in your industry, so they will come to you for content creation, insight and more. Make sure that you pitch relevant stories on a regular basis in order to stay fresh in their minds. Remember, however, that while you should seek to stay on their radar, you also shouldn’t overload them with pitches. You can quickly become a nuisance, and they will start to ignore you, especially if the content isn’t relevant to their website or publication. For this reason, it is essential that you find a good balance.

Keeping the above PR tactics in mind will help you to build a strong public relations strategy into your campaign for online marketing in Phoenix or wherever your business may be located.

Public Relations is a very beneficial tool that many small business websites throughout the country are employing to improve their search engine optimization strategies. At Fasturtle, a company specializing in online marketing in Phoenix, we are experts at crafting SEO campaigns and PR strategies that work. Our team of talented copywriters has worked with hundreds of businesses to create content that offers a higher chance of being picked up on by quality websites and publications. To learn more about improving your content and search engine optimization strategies, call Fasturtle at (888) 468-8785 or contact us online.

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