Reach Your Ecommerce Dreams While Working

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Working a 9-5 job often makes your ecommerce business dreams seem like more of a fantasy each day. You may be struggling between the two, but ask yourself: why not both?

Baby Steps

The first step you’ll have to take to see any growth for your business is making time. This means saying goodbye to hanging out with co-workers after hours and most of your weekends. Remember, it will be hard at first, but the long-term payout is irreplaceable.


It’s okay to be small.

You probably have a thousand ideas running through your head. Take a breath. Start small. Begin with one service, one theme, one social media platform. Then grow.

Slow can lead to success.

Working any type of job while starting up your own business means your projects will take time. Set yourself a schedule with goals for each week and tasks for each day.

Don’t fill up every box in the schedule.

As tempting as it is to prioritize your small business over all else, you need to make time for yourself. Even when you are working, make sure you take frequent, short breaks to your boost your productivity and well-being.

Let the machines work for you.

Everything you do should be purposeful and efficient. Take some time out of your schedule to look at all the tasks you do in a week and pick out repetitive actions. Can these be done by an app? Would some extra information on your website save you time answering the same questions each week?

Finishing Thoughts

You can do it! Keep both your big and little goals on your mind. Remind yourself of what you are working towards and stay motivated. Ultimately, those small weekly tasks will bring your ecommerce business dreams to life.

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