Online marketing can be a very tricky course to navigate. If you've done any research on it at all, then you've probably noticed that there's a fairly large number of self-proclaimed "marketing gurus" all over the web – and they all harp on how essential one marketing strategy or another is to your campaign. In many cases, they are right – or at least partially right. For example, you may have heard the term "content is king," on more than one occasion. Yes, content marketing is important – but it will only get you so far if that's all you focus on. It's important that you don't put all of your eggs in one marketing basket – a good inbound marketing strategy is a holistic one.

Avoiding Thought Silos

Content marketing is only a part of online marketing – as is every other online marketing strategy. Focusing on a single strategy, like content marketing or SEO, often results in becoming trapped in the so-called "thought silo." Many businesses end up with tunnel vision because they are so concentrated on making one strategy as effective as possible. But here's the thing, online marketing strategies are only made stronger when they are used together – and in most cases, are even dependent on one another. You need to step back and take a good hard look at the big picture and how your marketing strategies fit.

Seeing the Big Picture

Consider content marketing again. Your blog may be amazingly put together, full of rich, valuable content. But without a proper SEO strategy, how is Google going to be able to identify your content? How are you going to be found through search? And considering the fact that search engines, like Google, use social signals as a factor in search ranking, how are you going to be able to improve that ranking and attract more readers without promoting your content with social media marketing? And how can you identify what keywords are most effective at attracting your target audience if you don't make use of PPC marketing?

So as you can see, online marketing strategies, such as content marketing and social media marketing, are extremely important – but they can't be used on their own. They'll only be effective if you implement other strategies to strengthen and compliment one another. For information on how we can help you create a more holistic online marketing strategy, contact us at Fasturtle today.